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Come take a magical journey with us and explore the beautiful red rocks of Sedona Arizona. This 80 minute 28 track narrative audio presentation is full of tales, history, music, magic and much more.

Learn about Native American History, learn why the rocks are red. Travel to several vortex sites and learn what a vortex is. Visit Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, The Chapel of The Holy Cross, Schnebley Hill Road, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, Upper Red Rock Loop, the water of Oak Creek Canyon, Midgley Bridge, Indian Gardens, Slide Rock, West Fork and the beautiful views at Upper Oak Creek Vista


Why take the Sedona Drive Tour?

When compared with the average cost of most jeep tours which can be somewhere between $45 to $80 per person - there's no comparison. The Sedona is by far the best.

The Sedona Drive Tour offers an opportunity for you to travel at your own pace, allowing you to stop wherever and whenever you want, which is what vacation should truly be about. You will also have the pleasure of being in the comfort of your own car while visiting many great locations.

With all the picture taking and stopping to look at these beautiful red rock views, this tour can truly last you for up to days to complete. And if this is not enough, you get to take the presentation home with you, when your done, giving you the opportunity to listen to it as many times as you wish, making your visit to Sedona a fun-filled lasting experience.


We have sold over 275,000 copies so far. Find out for yourself just what makes the Sedona Drive Tour your best bet.

The feedback has been wonderful!

“The Sedona Drive Tour is the tour of all tours. It’s the champion of Champions…” "Two Thumbs up" NWV Publishing

"It’s Full Of Spirit"
Ted Kills In The Fog - 
Native American Indian-Crow

"Well Done"  The Sedona Chamber of Commerce


While planning your vacation to Sedona, it’s a great idea to have this presentation prior to making your trip. It will enable you to maximize your time when you arrive, while giving you more time to play and to have fun. The tour comes with an easy to read map, which helps the listener get from one point to the next, so that you can explore Sedona in a simple and easy way. See the location, press the track number and Presto! it’s like having your own personal tour guide in your car.

Why Wait! Get busy today and receive your M.B.A. in vacationing, as you prepare yourself for a visit to this truly magnificent and beautiful land, that we call Sedona….

Enjoy - the Magic - the Beauty - the Art
Sedona Drive Tour CD / DVD / MAP
                                    It’s the best way to explore Sedona


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