As you leave Midgley Bridge the road winds north. Have your camera ready for this spectacular scenery along Oak Creek Canyon. This scenic drive is one of the most beautiful in America. Rand McNally considers it to be the eight most scenic drive in the entire country. A short way up the road is a historical marker on the right side across from the market. J.J. Thompson homesteaded here in 1876. He was the first white settler in the land that was later named Sedona.  He built a log cabin and cultivated the “Indian Gardens” where corn and squash, planted by the Apaches, were still growing. J.J. knew a good spot when he found it!

Indian Gardens

Here you can sit by the creek and enjoy the sound of water rushing over the gray blue river rocks.

On the CD/DVD, we hear from a Native American Indian who shares with us a beautiful story about Indian Gardens.

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