Location 1

Bell Rock


We begin our journey at Bell Rock, one of the first red rock formations you see when you arrive in The Village of Oak Creek. There are two trails that begin at the Bell Rock Vista. Both are considered an easy walk.  People say that when they hike these trails, they experience an electrical charge Throughout their bodies and can hike for hours without noticing how much time has passed.


The Bell Rock area will help you to experience for yourself why Sedona has been voted one of the most beautiful scenic spots in America. A short walk here can help you feel the magic and tranquility that Bell Rock offers, making it one of Sedona’s favorite sites!  

If you decide to take a walk on the Bell Rock trails, look closely at the ground from time to time, and you might see paw prints. And if you’re real quiet, you may get lucky and spot a coyote on the trail or even a red or silver fox. This area is home to many cottontails and very large jack rabbits with long ears. Javelinas also live here. They look like furry pigs with a large snout and reddish eyes. Lizards can easily be seen as they scurry around the landscape or rest on a rock in the sun. Hummingbirds can appear suddenly as they fly from tree to tree. Hawks and sometimes eagles can be seen in the skies of Sedona.


With all the many stream banks, farms, different elevations, cliffs and climate changes, the Verde Valley brings more then 297 species of birds. Making this area their year round home or using habitats here during their migrations.


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Location 1-A

Location and map information for trails.





Location 1-B

Just to the right of Bell Rock, we see the towering rock formation known as Courthouse Butte. Legend has it that Walt Disney named some of his characters from the many shapes and images found here in the red rocks of Sedona. Snoopy is one of them.


Location 2

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is a place of great nurturing. Feminine energy a place for going within, Cathedral Rock is very empowering in that small inner voice within.


The trails at Cathedral Rock are moderate to difficult, depending on which trails you take. They may involve scaling up some smaller rock formation and crevices. Here’s a tip for hiking Cathedral Rock – look for the rocks that appear like stairs.  If you are here in hot weather, start your hike in the early morning hours. Bring lots of water and some snacks. Wear sunscreen and a hat. The red rocks can become very hot under the summer sun, and shade is much harder to come by on the Cathedral Rock trails. You’ll discover the views from Cathedral Rock are well worth the effort.


The fingers rock formation at Cathedral Rock, are also known as the lovers.  Some Native American Indian storytellers say that “The Lovers” rocks were created because Great Spirit was watching a couple who were always arguing. They endlessly blamed one another for this or that. Finally, he had the lovers turn around and look out into the world and see all the beauty that surrounded them. Great Spirit asked them to count their blessings. From that day forward, they had not bickered once and are in constant harmony.


The easiest way up Cathedral Rock is to go across the creek bed and follow the path to the second dry creek bed. Turn right on this trail and continue climbing all the way up.  The creek bed turns into solid rock and looks like a staircase in some areas. This is the easiest way to climb Cathedral Rock and offers a fantastic view.


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Location 3

Chapel of the Holy Cross

In 1932 Marguerite Brunswig Staude, an Oak Creek resident, artist and rancher had a reoccurring vision of a cross on the newly completed Empire State Building in New York. The cross became a recurring theme in her life during the next 25 years. She felt inspired to get the assistance of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and to build a skyscraper cathedral in Europe. When World War II Broke out, they cancelled their plans. Finally in 1955, her dream was realized with the building of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. As you drive up Chapel Road you will see this unique structure on your left. Construction was not an easy task in this location. The Chapel is 250 feet high and emerges from a 1,000-foot wall. It seems to be suspended into the blue sky and clouds. The red rock cross can be seen from miles around Sedona. The Chapel was the first contemporary structure built as a Catholic Church. The American Institute of Architects gave it “The Award of Honor” in 1957.  In Marguerite’s words, “Though Catholic in faith, as a work of art the Chapel has a universal appeal. Its doors will ever be open to one and all, regardless of creed, that God may come to life in the souls of all men and be a living reality.” Inside the chapel, the view is breathtaking. Many visitors say that they are filled with a feeling of serenity and peace here. Making   a pilgrimage to the Chapel, some say that they see visions as they gaze into the horizon. This is a great place to rest for a while.


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Location 4

Schnebly Hill Road

Watch for the warning sign “rough road ahead.” It’s for real! Schnebly Hill Road was named in honor of Carl and Sedona Schnebly who moved to this remote part of Arizona in 1901. Carl established the first post office here and named the area after his beloved wife Sedona.  There’s Pioneer history here.


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Location 5

Airport Vortex

Airport Vortex is where you have both energies. Upflow and inflow.

The Airport Vortex has two major epicenters, an instep pyramid and a red rock mound formation, where the energy is the most intense opposite the ravine. You’ll see people looking like ants on an anthill as you approach the mound, but it’s a very short walk to the top and not as difficult as it looks.


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Location 6

Airport Mesa

Airport Mesa is a special place for watching sunsets. On most evenings the sun will reflect off the red rocks, creating a special glow on their surface. And when the clouds are in the sky the setting sun creates a colorful pink cloud sunset.


Location 6-A


Sunset over Sedona.


Location 7

West Sedona

West Sedona. This is where the local people do their day to day shopping. With more then 4 million visitors annually, tourism has evolved as the largest contributor to the economy.


Location 8

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon is very sacred to the Yavapai Native American Indian people. They consider it their place of origin, or Garden of Eden. At the entrance of Boynton Canyon, look for the rock formations of Kachina Man and Kachina Woman to the right. Local people say it’s important to ask permission of the ancient ones of this land before entering the canyon out of respect for its sacredness. Hikers have reported seeing an old man with long white hair, kept in a braid, He is said to be a Native guardian of the burial sites in the canyon.


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Location 9

Upper Red Rock Loop

Here’s the place where people normally run out of film. The views are spectacular.


Location 10


Red Rock Crossing is known for swimming, picnic areas and lots of easy well marked trails. Cathedral Rock is a beautiful back drop for Oak Creek, as it moves through this area. Oak Creek and Red Rock Crossing is a landscape of wilderness and wonderment with sharp contrasts in the elements of Earth, Water and Sky.


Location 10 –A

Red Rock Crossing is a favorite place for many people who live in Sedona. It’s a place to find relaxation and perfect peace.  


There are tales about a magical white wolf that’s been seen here at Red Rock Crossing. Hear one of the stories, on your Sedona Drive Tour CD/DVD.


Location 10-B

The Lovers rock formations at Cathedral Red Rock.


See- Cathedral Rock, It tells the story of the lovers


Location 11


With all the shops here, no wonder the local people call it “The shopping vortex” You’ll find everything from authentic western wear to southwest furnishings, gifts, fine art, crafts, jewelry and much more. And the dinning choices in Uptown are delightful.











Location 11-A

The beauty of Uptown Sedona is a touch of rustic, old southwest charm. Many western movies were filmed in Uptown locations.  John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Glen Ford and even Elvis were seen here during those times.

Sedona is also the home for the “Cowboy Artist’s of America.

Photo is of Clyde “ Ross” Morgon 

By Joe Beeler, one of the original founders. City of Sedona Art Collection.


Location 11-B

Uptown Mall

Some shoppers say they forget what day it is because they are having such a good time in Sedona. And isn’t this what vacations are all about?


Location 11-C

Shops at H-Pinon



Location 12


Leaving uptown you’re back on Hwy 89A, heading north.1.4 miles ahead is Midgley Bridge. After you cross the bridge there is a parking lot to your left. It’s often crowded, but if you can get a spot, the view here is definitely worth the effort. From this great height you can view in the distance Oak Creek winding its way towards Sedona.


Location 12-A

Stairs to Oak Creek and Huckaby Trail.


Location 12-B

The waters of Oak Creek












Location 13


As you leave Midgley Bridge the road winds north. Have your camera ready for this spectacular scenery along Oak Creek Canyon. This scenic drive is one of the most beautiful in America. Rand McNally considers it to be the eight most scenic drive in the entire country. A short way up the road is a historical marker on the right side across from the market. J.J. Thompson homesteaded here in 1876. He was the first white settler in the land that was later named Sedona.  He built a log cabin and cultivated the “Indian Gardens” where corn and squash, planted by the Apaches, were still growing. J.J. knew a good spot when he found it!


Location 13 –A

Here you can sit by the creek and enjoy the sound of water rushing over the gray blue river rocks.


On the CD/DVD, we hear from a Native American Indian who shares with us a beautiful story about Indian Gardens.


Location 14


Ahead of us is Slide Rock State Park. If you have your windows rolled down you might begin to hear the sounds of delight, as swimmers slide down the red rocks into Oak Creek. This is a favorite spot to play in the creek. The spectacular red rock spires here send the imagination on flights of fancy, suggesting a giant cathedral or a mystical city of Red Rock.


When you first enter Slide Rock State Park you’ll be surprised to find yourself walking through an apple orchard. Frank Pendley came here in 1910 and started planting apple trees the same year. One tree from his original orchard is still growing here.


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Location 15



After you walk across a bridge, and continue on a trail, you will go on a magical journey into the wilderness of West Canyon.  It’s an easy hike that follows the canyon floor along the West Fork of Oak Creek. High walls of colorful sand stone surround you, as you make your way along the trail among the ponderosa pines. The views on this trail are breathtaking.


The West Fork Trail is also known as “Call of the Canyon Nature Trail” based on the name a famous Zane Grey Novel. The nature trail is an easy

One mile creek side walk, which takes about an hour to enjoy.


West Fork is Sedona’s most bio-diverse location. There are more species of vegetation in the West Fork Trail environment, then any other location in Arizona.  On any give day it’s 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the Red Rocks of Sedona.


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Location 15 – A

West Fork - Call of The Canyon Nature Trail


Location 15 – B

West Fork - Call of The Canyon Nature Trail


Location 15 – C

West Fork - Call of The Canyon Nature Trail


Location 15 – D

West Fork - Call of The Canyon Nature Trail

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Location 16

Upper Oak Creek Vista and Canyon


The scenic overlook at the top of the switch backs and Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful photo opportunity. It’s also the site of the Native American arts cooperative, a group that certifies the authenticity of the Native American jewelry and other beautiful crafts for sale here.


Once you reached the Upper Oak Creek Vista, walk to the far end of the overlook and view the canyon from a different perspective looking back towards Sedona. The overlook is the perfect place to take a quiet moment for your self.                                                                                             


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